A2 Acme

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The Grade 3 English willow is handpicked to create our Acme Range of bats. The Acme features an enhanced duck-bill profile. Each piece of willow is carved by hand, offering the most popular shape in recent years, generating feather-lite pickup. The designed profiles have minimum scalloping, adding to the powerful rebound from the entire face of the bat. Individual checks in our double-pressing procedure ensure that each Acme performs like a professional bat. These sublime pieces of willow are finished by hand and their edges rounded to obtain a truly exquisite work of craft. The stickers are matched with a white dynamite grip, making a bat-like no other in the market. All Acme are protected against moisture by a clear solution, allowing the ruler-straight grains to beautifully run across the toe.

  • Semi-flat face.
  • Thick edges.
  • Feather-lite pickup.
  • High extended spine.
  • Minimal concaving.
  • Duck-bill profile.
  • Enhanced sweet spot.
  • Unique clear toe protection