SS Players Cricket Bat - NICHOLAS POORAN

SS Players Cricket Bat - NICHOLAS POORAN

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SS ACTUAL Players Reserved Cricket Bat - NICHOLAS POORAN


Weight - 2lb 9oz

Picks Up Like - 2lb 9oz

41mm edge

61mm Spine

26mm Toe Centre

Low to Mid Middle -Slight Duckbill into the toe

Slight to mid bow

Full Profle

Flat face

14 Straight and even grains with slight heartwood on the outside edge

Medium Thickness Oval hand tapering to Round Handle

NO Toe guard, Square toe, slightly forward slanted toe

Straight from the players room at the SS Factory these premium cricket bats are made from these select best willow reserved for the pros, made personally by the head bat maker at SS.

Don't make the mistake of these as "pro rejects" that is an age old myth, nowa days the willow and bat manufacturing has become so good the players dont reject bats but rather SS keep a stock of bats/clefts reserved for the players as the modern cricketers schedeule is so hectic if something were to happen to their bats they would need a replacment ASAP and so they keep a stock of players bats/clefts in the factory ready to go. We are fortuante enough to get access to this players room.

Becuase these are the Actual players bats/clefts the quantity will also reflect that. Only a minimal qty can be brought in at a time

Due to.

1. The Willow reserved for the players is kept in small quanitity due to the quality, as it is the top select willow and rare and the players request 4-5 bats maximum at a time so according to that is how much is reserved at a time.

2. The head bat maker at SS personally makes each players bats to get them exact to each players preference and due to his high demmand can only make a few quanity of bats at a time as there are so many Players that SS makes bats for.

And due to high demand last a only about a week maximum in our shop before being sold out.