A2 Omega

A2 Omega Mens Cricket bat

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The finest Grade 3 English Willow is sourced to create the Omega Range of Bats. The bats are individually handcrafted down from the raw cleft, making it a truly exclusive product. The Omega features the spine running down to the toe, offering impeccable balance and an extended hitting area. Bats are carefully shaped to prevent concaving, enhancing performance in off-center shots. Each bat is pressed to perfection, with every piece of willow being subjected to multiple press checks. The edges of the bats are rounded and individually finished to provide an incomparable glossy finish. Finally, the bat toe has a unique clear solution applied, preventing any moisture damage while still showcasing the grains passing across the blade.

  • Semi-flat face
  • Thick edges.
  • Enhanced Bow.
  • Minimal concaving.
  • Spine extended to the toe.
  • Extended sweet spot.
  • Fibre Scuff sheet applied.
  • Unique clear toe protection.