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Lightweight multi option Octane cricket shoes by GM. Predominantly white with a hint of silver & black are suitable for batting, bowling & fielding. Change the sole format to suit your style.

  • Shoes provides three different forms of reinforcement and stability
  • Inner molded TPR back heel support safeguards the sensitive heel bone region and comforts and cushions the foot strongly, keeping the shoe’s heel shape
  • Injection molded TPU external midfoot shank keeps firmness with the foot alignment, minimizing injury from foot torsion, whilst also lessening foot stress
  • Injection molded TPU outsole for lateral support and stability, with tactically situated spikes and flex areas on the front foot to enable the foot to move the natural way
  • Ergonomic, low profile, compression molded EVA midsole is lightweight, with exceptional comfort and cushioning
  • Substantial use of air mesh on the upper and tongue for superb temperature control, airflow and ventilation
  • Full set of metal spikes and 8 dura studs included
  • Fit with Steel Spikes for full Spike format
  • Fit front with spikes and back with Durastuds for 50/50 format
  • Fit with Durastuds for full Multistud format