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A glimpse of how we prepare bat that is ready to play.

1. Oiling. Oiling your cricket bat is the first step in the knocking in process. Using the Raw Linseed oil or Specialized bat oil lightly oil your new bat. Our professionals make sure that your bat is neither too oiled nor over-dried.

2. Knocking every region of the blade. We Work down the edges in a methodical fashion and then up and down through the central blade.  As much as we would like to play all of our shots from the hitting zone, We make sure that you don\\\\\\\'t miss a single shot.

3. Ensure Protection. We apply fiber tape to the edges of your bat and an anti- scuff sheet for further protection. Our professionals make sure that a protective cover to the bat is positioned exactly where and how it should be varying from bats to bats and manufacturers to manufacturers.